Five Tips to Improve the Way You Think about Things

June 29, 2010

The hardest part in aiming for self-improvement is changing the way we think. Ideally, our thoughts and experiences are in a constant state of renewal. This is because we would be frequently exposed to new people and situations. However, the real world is the opposite. We would usually focus our mind to daily stressors. As we grow older and focus on our jobs, our friends are fewer and we repeat the same forms of recreation and mental stimulation. We even confine ourselves to the same social interaction.

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However, this will not go on forever. We will wake up one day realizing we need to improve how we see the world. We need to change our cognitive patterns. Apparently, changing this will take a lot of effort. Below are five primary concepts to remember when we plan to change the way our minds think and the way we see the world.

First, you must do something you have never imagined doing. Get out of your comfort zone and embrace new recreational activities. If you love beach bumming, try activities that are physically straining such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, and trekking to name a few. Read books, articles, and magazines that does not interest you that much before. There is a variety of topics to choose from such as sports, politics, fashion, history, culture, music, and many others.

Second, meet new people with different perspectives, occupations and cultural backgrounds. People bring new ideas and perceptions. However, hanging out with people with the same perceptions as yours will only reinforce your own beliefs and might not help you see things in a different way. Furthermore, you might overlook your own mistakes, faults, and shortcomings. Forums and discussion rooms in the Internet may also help you expand your social circle and may provide venues for new insights.

Third, you must be aware of your thought processes, emotions, and moods. This will help you reconnect to your needs and real desires. In addition, many therapies for self-improvement have used self-awareness. Their methods have focused on personal exploration, understanding of the past, and acknowledgment of fears and mistakes. This is because you cannot change how you think without understanding why you think that way.

Fourth, stop doing the same daily routine. Insert a new activity in your calendar and schedule. By breaking your routines, your brain will open to fresh stimuli and create a new neural path. Go eat in a restaurant on day you are supposed to go to a bookstore. Go to a park and other gathering events that you do not frequently go to. If you love reading, try a different genre or an author.

Lastly, tell yourself repeatedly to think a different way. Using mantra is a popular method of self-improvement. This kind age-old method is also seen in religious practices where prayers are repeatedly recited. You may use your own customized mantra in doing this as long as it is something new. Then, try repeating your mantra whenever a situation presents itself as challenging your goal.

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